Kipture Primary School 

Kipture Primary School
Kitchen and Library Foundation
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Englewood, CO 80155

Kipture School



The Kipture Primary School is located in the western part of Kenya, not far from the village of Kapsabet. As a matter of history, in 2003, again in 2005 and 2008 several Americans went to Kenya with Peter Tanui to visit his home in Kapsabet Kenya. This is a fairly remote and basic village, with most of the 5,000 residents without dedicated electricity or water, about 6 hours west of Nairobi. Everyone fell in love with the people and the culture. Before they left on the first visit, the framework for a Foundation was sketched out. The simple goal was to build a library and a kitchen for the school.

That became a reality by 2008, and through generous cash donations, the Foundation continues to enhance both buildings and to raise funds for a medical clinic and the electrification of the community where the children reside.

Peter Tanui, a friend and graduate of Kipture Primary School, is the President of this Foundation and lives part of each year in Boulder, Colorado. Peter has been in Kenya during the early part of 2009 overseeing new improvements at the Kipture School. He arrived in November of 2008 in time to greet three 2008 college graduates, Laura Yale (University of North Carolina), Page Kelley (University of Oregon) and Matt Williamson (University of Colorado) who were completing a three month tour as volunteers working at the school, partly as teachers and partly as workers doing improvements to the school property. They also were able to visit other schools in the region to gain an appreciation for the broader school network. Their collective contribution was enormous!

There is still much to be accomplished and in these difficult economic times, the need is even more urgent!
Can you help? Email us. We need:

  • Financial donations. This is a 501(c)(3) (Federal Tax Exempt EIN Number is 47-0935210) tax-exempt donation. Make a check out to "Kipture Primary School Fund" and mail to BKB Ltd. - P.O. Box 4184 - Englewood, CO 80155.  

Thank you so much!

Please Check out the photo slideshows from our various trips there.  The people were so grateful and so welcoming. 


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